4th Grade Standards

Standard 1 — History 

Students trace the historical periods, places, people, events, and movements that have led to the development of Indiana as a state.

 Historical Knowledge

American Indians and the Arrival of Europeans to 1770

4.1.2 Identify and describe historic Native American Indian groups that lived in Indiana at the time of early European exploration, including ways these groups adapted to and interacted with the physical environment.

Examples: Miami, Shawnee, Potawatomi and Lenape (Delaware)

The American Revolution and the Indiana Territory: 1770s to 1816

4.1.3 Explain the importance of the Revolutionary War and other key events and people that influenced the development of Indiana as a state.

4.1.4 Summarize and explain the significance of key documents in Indiana’s development from a United States territory to statehood.

Statehood: 1816 to 1851

4.1.5 Identify and explain the causes of the removal of Native American Indian groups in the state and their resettlement during the 1830s

4.1.6 Explain how key individuals and events influenced the early growth and development of Indiana.

Chronological Thinking, Historical Comprehension, Analysis and Interpretation, Research 

4.1.15 Create and interpret timelines that show relationships among people, events, and movements in the history of Indiana.

Examples: Immigration patterns such as the settlement of the French and Germans

4.1.16 Identify different opinions in historical documents and other information resources and identify the central question each narrative addresses. https://secure.in.gov/history/files/7021.pdf