2nd Grade Standards

Standard 1 History

Students differentiate between events that happened in the past and recently, recognize examples of continuity and change in local and regional communities, and consider ways that people and events of the past and present influence their lives.

Historical Knowledge 

2.1.1 Identify when the local community was established and identify its founders and early settlers.

2.1.2 Explain changes in daily life in the community over time using maps, photographs, news stories, Web sites or video


2.1.3 Identify individuals who had a positive impact on the local community.

2.1.4 Identify and describe community celebrations, symbols and traditions and explain why they are important.

Chronological Thinking, Historical Comprehension, Research 

2.1.5 Develop a simple timeline of important events in the history of the school and/or school community.

2.1.6 Create and maintain a calendar of important school days, holidays and community events.

2.1.7 Read about and summarize historical community events using a variety of resources (the library, digital media, print media, electronic media, and community resources).

Students describe how significant people, events and developments have shaped their own community and region; compare their community to other communities in the region in other times and places; and use a variety of resources to gather information about the past.